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Current Features

Version: v1.1.2

# OP is hilighted

hilighted OP

# Image Upload

Well, it just works.

# Image Render

All image links is rendered, no more limited to Imgur or Sina

# Reply Directly

Instead of scrolling for a year to the bottom when you wanna reply, click "ε›žε€" now.

Reply Directly

# #reply42 Jump

When #reply42 is followed by the location, we will jump to floor 42 directly.


# Gift ClickOnce

Never jumping around again when grabbing your daily gifts.

Gift ClickOnce

# Floor Specification

Use #r42 to reply floor 42 directly.

# Comments Stacking

Comments Stacking

Authors and Contributors

@VitoVan , @Roshan Wu , @DemoJameson , @ζœ‹δΉŸ for now, you should be on the list, man!

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